Thursday, December 3, 2009

New video tutorials on youtube about

Another video tutorial! I have posted new tutorials on my youtube account on how to navigate the lesson plans and assessment template on Please take time to view the videos and please, please, comment on the vids! Some one brought up on how to comment. Simply leave a comment as a anonymous user and leave your name within the comment. Thank you

Friday, November 20, 2009


Recently, we have been given Bluesheets in our mailboxes and emailed out by Ms. Hutton. This is nothing to get nervous about. These bluesheets are to be completed at the end of every marking period and should be handed into the same person you give your plan book to. You must complete each section which include name of students, absences for each mp, enrollment, and pass/fail percentage. This is important information for the administration in case the internet is down or powerschool is not working that can be relayed to the parents. Fill in all appropriate sections and give them to your supervisor. If you have any questions, please view my youtube site to see a tutorial video on bluesheets.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ustream to view Morning Announcements

I have recently started to stream live footage of the main office during the school's morning announcements. It sort of gives a face behind the voice! way, WHAT DO YOU THINK? DOES IT WORK? WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE LIVE STREAM OF OTHER EVENTS, AND IF SO, WHAT TYPE???PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

Welcome to my Technology Coach Blog!!!

Hello all! Welcome to my technology coach blog page. This page has been designed to assist all teachers in Jose Marti Freshman Academy with their technology tips! Through the use of technology, such as Blogspot, I can maintain an open forum and access to my expertise anytime! Feel free to look around and comment freely!! Please view my youtube tutorial videos @

Also, my website